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Payroll Service and HR records is customized based on your needs

Payroll Service it's not just payment of salaries on employees bank accounts. Calculations of insurance contributions, registration and deregistration of employees into public insurance companies, statements, reports and administration of related HR records, requires whole specific department in your company, or at least employee, which should handle these duties. And don't forget regular trainings, because accounting, and payroll is regulated by constantly changing legislation, which you have to observe and comply.




We provide Payroll Service for more than 60 companies

Currently, more than 60 Slovak and foreign companies left the complex administration of payroll on our shoulders. External cooperation works on 100% discreecy and protection of all confidential data. So you never have to worry on any leaks into internal or external enviroment.






Complex payroll and accounting service at single spot

Most clients benefit from processing also  their accounting by our company. They get complex service at single spot, they know, who to contact in case of questions. They reducing the risk of misunderstanding between more subjects - everything is handled by single company.




More than 1000 processed pay slips per month

Every month we process on behalf of our clients payrolls for more than 1.000 employees and part timers. Add more than 10.000 accounting entries, which are also handled by us every month and you realize, that we really fully concentrate on accounting and we focus to improve technologically and personally.






Payroll Service does not mean just Žilina and surroundings

Because the processing of payroll is mainly external service, we can provide these kind of services not just for Žilina, and also for more remote companies. Our Payroll Service is highly optimized for remote and completely electronic provision. Complex processing of payroll agenda can be received in desired outputs and reports and in time needed. The conditions of cooperation we adjust solely to your needs and requirements.




External Payroll Service reduces your costs

You don't have to pay the employee or even whole department, which is focused solely on payroll and HR records. You reduce also office rental costs, salary for your accountant and fees related to expensive trainings, very expensive software, databases, servers their maintenance and updating. 







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Payroll Services proposal from Benetip:



  • Complex processing of payroll service for small and middle-sized companies:

  • You can choose from following models of cooperation:
  • processing of your agenda in our premises with usage of our equipment and information systems, records storing also in our premises,
  • processing in your premises using our equipment and information technology,
  • processing with usage of your information system in our premises including storing of records,
  • processing in your premises and using your information system and equipment.
  • Payroll inspection, audit of payroll and HR records:

  • We can provide also audit of payroll and HR records related to your payroll and HR agenda. The main goal is to determine whether your agenda is properly administrated and legally compliant.


  • Special services in the field of Payroll Service and HR records:

  • HR modules, automatized exports into accounting, exports into internet banking systems, interconnection with attendance systems, intranet portal focused on administration of human resources. Everything you need to 100% satisfaction.






Come to us, if you need some special services in the field of payroll and HR records

We continuously develop our methods of automatized electronic communication and integration with client systems, in order to achieve that outputs and reports will be acceptable and effective. In cooperation with our software partners we can achieve creation and administration of web portal interconnected with HR&payroll database. Thanks to ability of the system to allow specific functionalities for executive employees and also basic employees, can LOGA portal lead to optimization of HR&payroll processes.


Our references, which clearly speaks for itself

For example we've helped to develop payroll and HR records system in KIA Motors Slovakia and some of their key partners as well. In case of payroll services we've earned trust of companies like PHA Slovakia, Hyundai AutoEver Europe GmbH, Giesecke&Devrient Slovakia, BKS Bank AG & BKS-Leasing, BEST Slovakia and others. Apart from payroll agenda, we can provide also the service of audit of payroll and HR records agenda.








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