Financial performance and asset allocation analyses.
Company Valuation
Market valuation of companies and their parts.
Audit of statutory and consolidated financial statements.
Accounting and Payroll Services
Complex processing of accounting agenda.

Payroll Services, Human Resources, Auditing

We are a company offering economic consulting and financial services since 1991.

We are an auditing company registered with the UDVA (national Audit Regulatory Committee).

We have obtained the license of expert organisation for valuation of companies issued by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic.

We belong into INTERAUDIT group covering the entire Slovakia, and therefore we are granted the access to an extensive database of expert knowledge and professional know-how.




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Company Valuation 

Do you need to know the value of a company or part of its property for legal purposes, or are you dealing with major strategic acquisition decisions? Determination of fair value is not only a science but also an art. The right decision requires as accurate information about the transaction value as possible, and for correct determination of fair value it is vital to know not only the theory of assessment but also to have the experience gained throughout the years of practice.



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Auditórstvo, notebook, pracovníci



Financial audit, or more precisely the audit of company's financial statements, is the review of financial statements of a company or other legal entity (e.g. municipality) resulting in an independent auditor's report on whether these financial statements give a true and fair view of the financial position of a company in all relevant aspects.



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Accounting and Payroll Services

Your basic need as a businessman is to fully focus on your business, and not to spend your precious time on administrative tasks that steal your attention from the activities actually earning you money. Great examples are accounting, human resources, and payroll as they are governed and regulated by dozens of “regularly amended” laws and generally binding provisions.



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To be successful in your business, you need to have an expert knowledge in marketing, finance, management, human resources, economic, etc. To underestimate the importance of such knowledge means to expose yourself to the risk of loss. Our company is ready to support your proficiency in various fields of economy.



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