Draft of tax-insurance contribution reform

The Government of Slovak Republic has as of May 9, 2011 presented new version of insurance-tax system reform draft. This reform is based on four main principles – principle of equal tax, one health insurance contribution, one social insurance contribution and unified assessment base. This reform should also lead to continuous reduction of insurance contribution of employees. The changes should also affect the income tax. For example, the nontaxable of tax base should be reduced  to 18 times of live minimum, which is 3413,70 EUR (currently is it 19,2 times of live minimum). The so called “millionaire tax” should be cancelled completely. The insurance contribution rate in case of employees should be 9% in health insurance and 19% in social insurance. Mentioned is only excerpt from complex draft of reform. More information can be found on link bellow. 


More info (in slovak only):


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