Company Valuation

Do you need to know the value of a company or part of its property for legal purposes, or are you dealing with major strategic acquisition decisions? Determination of fair value is not only a science but also an art. The right decision requires as accurate information about the transaction value as possible, and for correct determination of fair value it is vital to know not only the theory of assessment but also to have the experience gained throughout the years of practice.




If you are preparing one or more of the following:

  • sale or purchase of a company
  • restructuring or reorganisation of your own company
  • equity investment of non-monetary assets
  • joint venture or merger
  • intangible property valuation, and/or valuation of trademarks, real estate, and tangible property for business or legal purposes
  • re-valuation of property for the purpose of harmonization with the international accounting standards
  • confirmation of lien adequacy against banks and other financial institutions,
  • our company is ready to utilize our experience and expertise from processing over 400 valuation reports for you.







We hold the license of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic as an expert organisation for company valuation since 1994. We employ professionals in the field of valuation, accounting, and financial analysis. We have established a long-term cooperation with external specialists on fair value, legal services, financing, and investment consulting.


We are open to non-traditional and innovative solutions. The example of our innovative approach is our participation in the project called “Slovak Railways (ŽSR) Property Re-valuation Model”, in which we combined our expert valuation methods with mathematical and statistical methods to achieve significant decrease in capacity requirements and re-valuation costs.









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