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Accounting and Payroll Service is customized based on your needs

Accounting, payroll service and related HR records belongs to areas, which needs your continuous attention. Because of constant legislation changes and precision, which is required at this type of work, can these lead your mind away from making business and handling your finances. Leave this burden of your accounting service on our shoulders, and you can also order services like payroll and HR records service in order to focus solely on your business.





We are providing single and double entry accounting for more than 24 years 

Benetip is providing to SME (small and medium sized enterprises) accounting service in Žilina and surroundings for more than 24 years. Apart from single and double entry accounting we offer complex accounting services such as accounting inspections, accounting supervisory and accounting reconstructions into legally compliant state.






Accounting Benetip - this is primarily Žilina and surroundings


Even though our primary focus in accounting service is the region Žilina and surroundings, there is no problem to provide our services also to companies in more remote locations - we have for example clients in Bratislava. Key element to our work is constantly professional approach and accommodative communication style with clients.




We have more than 60 clients and we process more than 10.000 accounting entries per month

Our specialized team of experts can handle complex administration of accounting agenda and outputs. We connect into information flow between relevant departments, which prepare inputs for accounting operations. Accounting service and reports are customized based on your company needs. Complete processing or just sample inspection - nothing is problem for us.






We adjust to your needs

We're not limited by the amount of your employees or field of your business. Companies with Slovak or foreign owners, companies with 50 or 500 employees. Just contact us and we'll prepare for you accounting administration proposal.




Who are our clients?

Mostly SME, which decided to primarily focus on making business and therefore let the administrative tasks be handled by reliable and verified provider. Except companies we're administering accounting of self-employing persons and also foreign companies. 





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Accounting services proposal from Benetip:


  • Administration of single entry accounting for self-employing persons:

  • Spracujeme kompletné účtovníctvo pre živnostníkov, vypracujeme daňové priznania DPH podľa obdobia, na ktoré je klient ako platca registrovaný alebo ročné výkazy o príjmoch a výdavkoch.


  • Administration of double entry accounting for Slovak or foreign companies:

  • Administration of general ledger, general journal, records of issued and received invoices, annual closing, preparation of VAT return for period required (based on client registration details).


  • Complex handling of accounting and related issues:

  • Apart from counselling we provide also services customized service based on client needs and expectations. We can provide you also services of payroll services and HR records so you can have everything on single spot.
  • Preparation of outputs and reports based on client needs:

  • Outputs and reports in Slovak or foreign language are no problem for us. We use advanced and modern systems and we can adjust to client needs and expectations.


  • Special services in the field of accounting:

  • Outputs, reports and exports including processing of input data with special software equipment and solutions. 



Apart from accounting service we provide also payroll and HR records service

In order to achieve really complex selection of services for our clients, we've integrated also payroll service for companies and their employees. Complete payroll and HR records agenda contains for example pay slips, registration and deregistration of employees into public insurance companies, obligatory (and also non-obligatory) insurance contributions, monthly and annual statements, reports and/or overviews based on clients requests.






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